Port open, no connection

Hi, I have a Sophos UTM firewall in my network, and tried to make soulseek work but I couldn't. First the network test showed closed ports, so I've created a NAT rule, after that test showed open ports but soulseek still could not connect. In the diagnostic log all I can see is an Attempting to connect on port 80 message and that's all. What could be the problem? Thanks in advance.

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may be the port 80 is being used by other app ?

download the new SoulseekQT version and select other port in the options.

port 80 is used by many apps, browsers, skype, etc. it shouldn't effect soulseek. i've tried 3 builds none of them worked, the same problem.

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try with SoulseekQt-2014-4-11.

and make sure UPNP is enabled in your router and SoulseekQT settings, also check that in your AV or Security Suite (if you use one) settings that SoulseekQT is not restricted/blocked or something related.

Sophos UTM does not support UPNP, its a security risk.

If you can test the ports and they show as open via the soulseek utility create a Packet Filter Rule

Source: Your Soulseek Machine
Service: Your Defined Soulseek Service
Destination: Any and you should be able to connect