chatroom bots

is it ok to use a bot in a chat room for trivia games?

I was told all bots are banned anyoen help me please

thanks mathiasthebold

Trivia bots are totally fine.

Let me just say first of all I'm not sure who "slade_tarmac" from the earlier post is, but regardless, they asked the first part of the question that I had been wanting to post here. Those of us in the :) room who use the trivia bot had been discussing whether or not it was a good idea to come post a complaint here, because no one knew whether or not trivia bots were technically allowed, but its good to see that it is indeed ok. Anyway, I know you have bigger fish to fry than dealing with squabbles in soulseek chats, but this is a problem that I would really like to see dealt with, if possible. It requires a level of authorization that I'm not privy to. There is a user named Inso-rn-niaC who is running malicious bots that are geared to kill the trivia bot in the room. :) is the name of the room; its usually near the top of the list in terms of the number of users. This has been going on for the past couple of weeks, and no one can run the trivia bot for any amount of time without this person immediately killing it. This is a public room, so it wouldn't be practical to make the room private given that there are several dozen users at any given time. If anything can be done to root this person out it would be greatly appreciated because they are an extreme nuisance and ruining what had before been a perfectly calm and enjoyable room. Thanks.

I have seen this user in the Indie room too. He came in looking for a copy of the PHP bot and it looks like he's got a hold of it.

Over the last few weeks a user by the name of "Homer" has been flooding the indie and +BlackMetal+ rooms with spambots that are triggered every time anyone enters the room. He regularly posts under the name of "(/:=)", and some of his bots are:

[(A)`s site]
[(A) the g(A)y Pedo]
[(A)ngry (A)utisticc]
[(A)ngry (A)utistic peEEDO0]
[WARNING (A) is (A) pedo]
[So g(A)y NoW(A)y the asspie]
[So g(A)y NoW(A)y The asspie]

...and many others.

It's Ripper. It's always Ripper.