Can't Connect to some Users

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I searched the Forum and did not find this topic covered.

Mac 10.7.5
SoulseekQT 2013-11-6

I have a number of Users where I have downloaded some files from a folder, but other files did not complete before the user went offline and now when they are back online, I cannot connect with them to finish the downloads.

I get no cue number. When I try to browse them I get the message: A Connection could not be successfully formed to the user. If this happens to you a lot, Check here to make sure your port is open.

When I click the 'Check here' link it references my network IP and states Port 2235 is closed.

My router port forwarding is setup with my local computer IP & Ports 2235(start)-2236 (end).

I can Search, Browse and download from other users and users are downloading from me.

Also note, there was one user when the files I had not completed showed as no longer sharing and I could connect to browse their files. Then, a few days later the files were back but then I could not connect to them. Very odd.

Why are a few of my incomplete downloads no longer able to connect to the users and download?

Thank you very much.

I am having the same problem and unfortunately cannot find a solution either. Very frustrating indeed.

I have found the same thing. With one uploader I found that if I restarted Soulseek once or maybe twice, their connection and uploads would continue. A regular uploader has just totally vanished but is still in the user list. I can get no user info from a small number on my list. I am wondering if the fact I have been uploading a lot in the last couple of days could be a contributory factor.

Mac O SX 10.6.8 slskQt 1/26/2013

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Since posting this issue, I tried using Soulseek on my wife's PC and discovered not only could I get a connection and download files from users I could no longer access on my Mac, when doing the same search on my Mac and the PC, the PC will find more results than the Mac will. I do not I understand why that is the case.

I recently bought my wife a new PC, so I occasionally use the old PC to search and download, since it has superior file finding capabilities.

If anyone can explain why there would be a difference in search results between the Mac and PC I would appreciate it.

They both run off the same router. The only difference is I use an Ethernet cable on the Mac and the PC is connected via Wi-Fi.