show who has banned you

in the diagnostics tab. This would be very useful to know which users have banned you so that you could contact them to remove you from their banned list if warranted. Sometimes users ban people for no valid reason, such as having privileges or requesting more speed, and an opportunity to appeal would be useful.
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yes, please implement this function

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A helpful feature would allow users to enter a reason for ban, and then have it show when the banned user looks up who banned him -- and why. So he may redeem his ways...

I agree

It happened that I got banned without any contact first (and I do share many files). When asking the user why I got banned I don't get a response, the question is probably also ignored. The need to enter a reason on banning might be a good idea. However that doesn't prevent people from entering just "lkhguhlökgvf" before pressing ban. So the possibility to contact people that have banned you could ease the situation a bit.