SoulseekQt should advance to and select next item when deleting from queue

When navigating my upload queue via keyboard (the up & down arrow keys), I sometimes press Delete to remove some items. When I do that, I expect SoulseekQt to advance the current selection so that it is the next item in the list.

What actually happens when you delete a file, folder, or user from the queue is you get into a state where a previous item (which one varies depending on what you delete) is partially selected. The whole line isn't highlighted, just part of it. You can go up or down from there, but you can't do anything else with that line until you navigate back to it. In some cases, like when you delete the only folder someone has queued, the current selection seems to reset entirely, so pressing the down arrow makes you jump to the top of the list.

It would be great if SoulseekQt would behave consistently when Delete is pressed, always advancing to the next item on screen, and fully selecting that item.