Lose Paypal Please

Soulseek should really find another way to accept donations. Paypal seems to be colluding with the NSA et. al. And just stealing money.

Paypal just suspended the crowd funding for ProtonMail, a secure email site in beta.

I'm currently working on a next generation file-sharing system to complement Soulseek. Once it's up and running, we'll certainly look into additional payment methods.

Cheers, Nir

Exciting news. Will it be announced here, or is there a blog to monitor, or mailing list to sign up for, or..?

Once I have something people can try out I'll post about it to the front page, which will probably be in a while. I can tell you that it's going to be based around private, push file sharing where files are automatically sent to you by people you know. As I've stated above, it's meant to complement Soulseek rather than replace it.

just take my money, man :D

luv ya

thanks so much, just for being, and for doing what you do

Hello Nir,
due to capital controls here in Greece paypal is not working. Is it possible to pay with Visa?