Soulseek and NAS shared folders?


I am trying to share a folder (a shared network drive from my NAS) but every time I do this, it just disappears from the list of Soulseek shared folders.

Now I googled and it seems SLSK cannot use network drives for shared folders?

Can anyone confirm there is no workaround?

Many thanks!

Hey glon, I tried it on my Synology and it works fine. Are you sure you're not having a permissions issue?

I'm not sure. How is yours set up? I can read/write files on \\DS214\itunes\Music just fine, iTunes can do it too, but Soulseek cannot retain the shared folder in its settings.

The "itunes" share has both read/write privileges for the groups users and admins.

I am using the old soulseek client by the way, does that matter?

Oh... That's a different story, I assumed you were on QT, what with this being the QT forum and all. :P

I do recall trying to do it on NS long time ago now that you mention it, I'm not certain but I think I had trouble with it.

I didn't read it properly myself, but have a look at this thread:

Also have you tried going to "computer" and "map network drive"? It's technically much the same as creating a shortcut to a shared folder, but it might by chance circumvent the issue you're having.

Mapping the network drive worked, thanks!

Lul wut?