Export/Import client configuration data

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this function is now present in SoulseekQt since build 2015-4-12

check the left side menu.


Nice job man! Worth mentioning this is for Windows.

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yes, I forgot to mention that, now title is updated.

It's a good idea for people who don't know where the configuration folder is, or who are too lazy to copy and paste a backup. My backup folder is over 244MB and nearly 25,000 files (there are many empty share warnings if you have any idea how many people don't or forget to share on the program :-) ), so it took an eternity for it to backup everything.

Perhaps there could be an option to just backup the 3 configuration files and not all of the chat logs as well.

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thanks for the feedback ;)

done in v1.1 in the first post.

Nice update. Maybe Nir can hire you as a programmer. :-)

Sure! As soon as I get that raise ;)


OMG! It even transferred my wishlist

Thanks so much. I dreaded moving to a new computer and having to manually re-enter hundreds of titles.

Might be nice to have a configuration export/import feature huh?

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definitely yes!

I'll get it done by the end of the weekend ;)

Thanks, Nir

This one should let you export and import your client configuration data from Options->Extras. I'll update the nightly builds block tomorrow.

Thanks! Nir


In order to add this new option to the manuals, I would like to know which data exactly are exported. Thanks.

Peter Leijsten

Nir, when I use the latest nightly build and I want to change to the 2015.2.21 build, it's only possible after a computer restart.

Peter Leijsten

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i need some new beats if any1 interested in sharing a few????? thanks

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have like less results in the search pat ?! ,... hmmmm....

Thanks for Share!


Queue Transfer can be Saved Too?

OK.. It's Work!

You Delete The Limit Download Slot u.u !!

I just installed Win10 on my new computer. On the old one I got slsk version 2013.8.22. Now I got 2015.6.12. Problem is that this new client is not reading the .cfg files from the old. When I set it it overwrites the old ones. The import settings function is looking for .scd files which I don't have since I was using older slsk version.

How can I get my wishlist & userlist back?

Hey there!
Is it possible merging two configuration datas in one?
how can I open and modify the .scd file created?
Thanks for your patience

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Could someone explain the backup file structure? I'd like to write download queue migration tool from SoulseekQt (windows) to Museekd (raspbian)?