Why not "Download Selected" always by default?

When you have selected the folder to download, it opens this new window with some options where you can select, or edit the "save subfolder". In the case of non editing, the default option is "download selected". But in the case of editing (as happens many times because maybe you have only CD1 appearing, so you want to put the other info that got lost in the path, Artist, Album, Year..) the default option changes to "cancel".

This is very annoying 'cause after writing all the changes to the path, the intuitive action is givin' "enter". And there you just cancel the downloading and the changes (and sometimes I even dont realise of this in the moment, only when I get later that nothing is in dowloading side, i realise)

So, my proposition, it would be to make this change. I don't know what other users thinks (...?) but for me it would be better.

I hope is here the right place to propose this.