Soulseek on a debain server (without GUI)

Hello :)

I got a question, i used google for hours now and simply cant find any solution or work around.

My plan:
Put up Soulseek on my debian server via using Shell, but without a debian GUI. Just the simple Putty console.
My plan is, to place a client in a private chat as a bot for example to stay there 24/7 and keep the private room alive.

Im having full root access to my server and tried a bit with the Soulseek and also Nicotine + around, but it always ends up, that i need a GUI to follow the instructions, like set up my username and password and etc.

Does anyone got a golden idea? a tutorial or just any new input for me, how to realize my plan?

- I know there are some bots in serveral chat rooms, but I coulndt find anything, please also give me a hint if there is a solution for my server based way.

Thank you very much already :)