closes shortly after opening, then wont reopen. Win 8

I've had soulseek for about a week, and every time i open it, it will stay open long enough for me to download 1 or 2 tunes, then just closes itself. Then wont reopen at all unless i log in and log back out. at first i thought it was because I had AVg but i've uninstalled it and still get the same problem.

okay so i just installed soulseek and i've never used it before. my boyfriend told me to use it. he's used it for a long time. both of us have tried downloading files for weeks on my computer and all downloads are just queued forever. sometimes they will start to say they are downloading but they always abort afterwards. in addition, any time i minimize the window soulseek crashes i guess and does not look like it's open anymore but when I try to reopen it nothing happens. to get it to open again i have to go to task manager and end the task. every time. please help !

Is this with SoulseekQt? Do you have AVG installed?