Bitrate problem (different than the one we all know about)

This is my first post so hello to all of you.

I have noticed a different bitrate problem than the one you all know about (ie 320 files appearing at 128) and it seems very odd to me. I thought I'd report it and see if any of you understand why that is and maybe have a solution.

So I have this folder that contains 16 files that I have downloaded from a user on Soulseek.

M:\Musique\° NEW\Album Name (Year)

When I look up in my shared filelist in Soulseek (by adding myself as a user) and seek through this folder, all files appear in 320.

I then proceed to sort this album in my collection. Files are COPIED (not moved) to:

M:\Musique\Artist\Year - Album Name

Then I go back to my Soulseek shared file list and seek for that folder and I notice that one file, Track #3, shows at 317 VBR while all the other tracks are still 320 CBR. The original file, still in the NEW folder, still shows at 320.

Files have not been opened at all at this point so no media player altering it, for example.

I had the problem with 2014.06.25 and still with 2014.08.31

Any idea why that is?