How Do I Know If Ive Been Banned


Hope someone can help. having made sure my ports are open, Firewall is configured and my spyware program is set to allow Soulseek connections, I still keep getting messages on the chat page tab that "I'm Not Sharing any files" even though I have people uploading from my library at the time that the messages are coming through.

I have so many messages now that I am starting to become worried and I was wondering does this put me on a banned list and if it does how do I find out whether I am banned and how do I resolve any bans.

Are you sharing any folders publicly?

Yes - All songs shared ( Over 18000 ) ports are open. Fire Wall checked and Network Connections checked but still get these not sharing files messages even though users are uploading from my list.

I sent you a message over Hangouts, maybe we can take a look at this together when you have the time.

Thanks, Nir

Are you sharing userlist only? Some people "forget" to add you before they start downloading. Those empty share warnings are triggered as soon as your downloads start from somebody. If you share userlist only, you should add the user prior to downloading.

Hi there, I have the same problem and it's kind of irritating, I'm sharing two itunes library, the biggest one (150go or so I think) is shared publicly and people are downloading from it all the time but I still get those annoying messages when I'm downloading from someone... Is there a known workaround ?