Conflicting options ?


I have marked the option "Immediately upload files smaller than '100' kilobytes". In my upload window I can see that small files such as cover.jpg (part of a complete CD) are immediately transfered, even when it isn't this users turn.
So far so good.
My question is: If this user has marked the option "Don't create subfolders for single files", what happens than. In my opinion the single file (cover.jpg) won't be stored in the folder named after the complete CD that's uploaded when it's this users turn. So the CD and the cover are separated.
Am I right ?
Peter Leijsten

Hey Peter,

The new option should in no affect where the file is stored on the downloader's end. Meaning it will go into the same folder it would otherwise.

Cheers, Nir

Thanks Nir, I've got it !!! b.t.w the option 'Save client data every .... minutes' need to be added to the .ts files.