soulseekQT sticks on connecting and never does so

Hi all!

So from yesterday till now(don't know if before since i didn't use the program if i'm not wrong since day 29 of november) my soulseek, both the old version and the new one sticks on connecting and never connects. The bird appears always on red and nothing changes.

I already did some stuff to try see if was a problem with isp/ports:

- Made the portforward and appears(61081 and 61082) in my case the open when checking them;
- Checked the firewall and the program isn't blocked;
- Asked a friend that has the same ISP as mine and in the same city, and his works and mine doesn't;
- Reinstalled both the new version and the old version plenty of times;

I don't know more options to try to undo this problem.

Anyone with knowledge of this issue?

Best Regards