Soulseek quits unexpectedly

Sometimes slsk quits unexpectedly. It does't crash. It just quits by itself. Can someone explain why?

Tank you.

No idea. I still get crashes after it runs for about 24-48 hours:

By the way I see in the screenshot you're using the 2014.10.14 build. If you're still getting these crashes with 2014.11.30 let me know, I have a debug build ready for you if you're willing to try it out.

Trying it now. Will let you know!

Today after running for maybe 20 hours, I got one of those spectacular crashes. This is with 2014.11.30 build. I see there's a 2014.12.19 build not mentioned in the Changelog. I'll try that one. I'd be happy to try a debug build as well.

There's an even newer one that's debuggable. Here are the instructions if you want to try it out:

Thanks, Nir

I followed the instructions and had no crashes yet, but it's very slow-running. I got worried that it would get overwhelmed, so I reduced the number of files I was sharing publicly. But now I wonder if that might prevent the bug from showing up.

In this new version, my .lnk (Windows shortcut) files were indexed, as were folders containing only shortcuts. This is a regression.

Someone tried to download some of these .lnk files, and there was some kind of loop where they kept trying to get the same two files over and over. I had to unshare with that user to get it to stop. Another user somehow managed to queue something with a path containing a shortcut to a folder as if it were a symlinked folder, e.g. \realfolder\linkedfolder.lnk\somefile.txt ... this results in a Local Error.

Thank you for posting this! It looks like a crash in Qt related to adding text to one of the diagnostics logs... issues with the diagnostics tab pop up on OSX on a regular basis (probably just because it's much easier to get crash reports on OSX. ) It's possible that Qt just can't handle that much content in a text control. I may have to start disabling the diagnostics tabs in future release builds.

That's no good, maybe I can set you up with a debug build over the weekend. Anyone else experiencing crashes with the latest build? (11/30)

Sometimes slsk quit unexpectedly with the older builds but did not happen any more in the 11/30 build. Most of the time the crash happens if I press [ctrl] + [c] to copy something to my clipboard after I rescanned my shares before. I used the April build and have XP prof.

i am using 1.11.2014 build, and get crashes after 48 hours more or less. It happens when I have 4/5 users tabs with their files opened. When it does I have to resume all the files I downloaded in the last 48 hours. The option "update client" on general tab does not work, I have for 2 minute update. I updated again for the 30.11.2014 build. No good it happens again. I reinstalled the 1.11 build because it is the only that it says that my ports are open. The others builds does not say that my ports are open but I managed to download with no problem.

I forgot to include. Crashes happens when I have 4/5 users tab files opened and tried to open a new browse file tab.

This crash is also happening with the 30.11 build? Are you on Windows or Mac?

yes, happened once after updated to 30.11 build, but reinstalled again the 1.11. I am using Win 7 64 bit. The solution I have is, after 24 hours or 32 hours, to close the program and start again. When the crashes happened, I had 7 users "browse files" tab, closed 3 tabs. When clicked on a user to open a new tab, it crashed.

Would you mind running a debug build? It's a bit involved, I can either help you set it up over TeamViewer or send you the build with a list of instructions in private.

No problem, you can send me the list of instructions in private please!

Yesterday updated to 19.12 build, and in less 24 hours had a crash, but the problem with the users data ended, when the program starts I change the "save client data" option, and no need to resume files. The other problem remains, and that caused the crash, opened 6/10 "browse files" tabs, closed 3/4 tabs, keeped with 2, when try to open a new tab, bang, crashed....a soulseek friend, TJ-themes, suggested to "spread out the time between closing tabs, so it has a chance to clear it from the memory". Got try this, but dunno if it`s gonna work

It seems, after updating to 19.12 build, so far so good. No crash til now :)

Hmmm, interesting. Sorry for not sending you the debug build yet, the build is ready, but the instructions are rather complicated and I haven't had time to write a proper list. I'm going to do that now.

Thanks, Nir

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I have the same problem on Win 8.1 x64 (all latest updates installed) - after SoulseekQT (30.11 and 19.12 builds have been tested) started it freezes after 5 min max. and doesn't matter how many uploads/downloads are in progress.
So, I can test debug build if you wanna.