Search not searching correctly?

Hi sorry to message, i'm not complaining.

But i've noticed that soulseek doesn't search correctly.
if i search for *example* stomp & weaver, it wont come up but if i go on to someones folders i can see it
and I've noticed that when i search for files it's always hard to find because when i do search it never comes up and only comes up in the persons folders not in the search engine. is there something im doing wrong?

Hi. I have found that using symbols greatly changes the search results.
Try removing & - _ etc from your searches.

Yeh I've also noticed this too.. one time I tried a Manual Search for something then nothing returned so I added it to my Wishlist. Seconds later my Wishlist searched the exact same thing and found it..

At first I was thinking huh.. maybe that user just got online. Nope, tested it out by trying another Manual Search and got nothing. Weird.

Hi, Yes I never Use (things like , - & ,. never works if U do. i think it's just something to do with how many files are on that programme. maybe it's too much for the system to load? I search for very un common stuff

The latest nightly build ignores one character search tokens, that should prevent this sort of thing.

Hello i can't view MY own shares? if i try to upload to a USER on soulseek i can't see' anything but the folder NO MUSIC??