"Save Client Data" Ignored After Client Restart

The "Save client data every x minutes" configuration value doesn't seem to be applied after a client restart. It works as expected when the value is changed in the client, however after a restart, client data does not appear to be getting saved at all. Going into the settings again and altering the value seems to restart the auto save process.

I am running SoulseekQt-2014-11-30-64bit on Linux.

Yep, I screwed up royally. I apologize for not addressing this sooner... I'll release a fix later today.

I've updated the download page with fixed builds.

Thanks! Nir

Don't forget the sidebar!

Thanks yeah, the builds on the download page don't have any of the TagLib/non-threaded file transfer stuff. I've updated the sidebar builds with the fix for the configuration save problem.