Clear Complete & Aborted doesn't clear all offline users

Either something is wrong with "Clear Complete & Aborted", or I'm misunderstanding what it is supposed to do. Of course it clears the download queue of things that have Complete or Aborted status. It also clears some offline users. But there are always a few offline users who remain behind in the list. Why? What's special about them?

Today I did something a little different than normal: In Option > Login, I clicked the Disconnect button and left Soulseek disconnected for several hours. Then I clicked Connect and found that quite a few people who had earlier queued to download from me were now offline. That's normal at this time of day. So I clicked "Clear Complete & Aborted", and this time hardly any of them cleared out at all! So maybe this gives a clue as to what is special about the ones that don't clear.