Not able to browse files of user list

Am a new mac user.. I seriously need help regarding the browsing of the user list.... i have been trying since last 4 days.. and still not able to figure out why am not able browse the user list file...
Can anyone help me with it Please.

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because I have the same problem. I try to browse anyone; user list, friends, whoever and the screen kind of flashes and nothing happens. any tips?

The ability to browse users' files relies directly on your ability to connect to them. SoulseekQt will attempt to use uPnP to automatically have your router open your listening port, but not all routers support uPnP. You can try to manually configure your router to open your listening port (which is listed under Options->Login). The manner in which this is done is different from router to router, but I found a seemingly comprehensive list of guides here, and you can always try googling the instructions specific to your router. With your listening port open you should be able to form a connection to most users. Use to verify that your listening port is open.

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I think it's more a QT unfamiliarity issue (for me anyway). Where should the browsed files be displayed? Under 'Transfers'? 'Shares'? I've tried every tab multiple times and can't find it anywhere.

Browsed shares would appear under the 'Shares' tab.

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But I tried that and nothing appears there. I'm using the newest build, could it be a bug? Should I try an older build?

I have the same problem- total inability to browse any files.

Have you used to see if your listening port is open?