ubuntu 14.04 crashing w qt build 2014.11.30

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just a heads up, it crashes randomly and loses all prior queued items.

Are you using the 32 or 64 bit version of Linux? I'm looking for someone to try out a new Qt 5 based build.

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Ubuntu 64. it also loses saved information, such as user notifications. If i can assist, let me know.

Can you see if this build works for you at all: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lgdbxqn5x5e396l/SoulseekQt-2015-4-21-64bit.tgz...

Thanks, Nir

hi Nir, as we're at it, could you also upload a 32bit version of your April build please? :) We Linux people have been missing all your great fixes for almost half a year now...thanks in advance.

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I grabbed that file however it will not open with archive manager (TGZ file opening tool)

It might have not downloaded properly, there doesn't seem to be a problem extracting it on my end.

Here we go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hhomocp1w9odl0q/SoulseekQt-2015-4-21.tgz?dl=0

Just remember it's a Qt 5 build, so it might not work for you at all, or have problems that the Qt 4 builds didn't have. Let me know how it goes.

Thanks, Nir

Thank you SO MUCH! You're a marvel.
I will beta-test (or even alpha-test? ;)) this puppy to the max, that one thing is for sure. Thanks again.

Nir, as it is not my intention to hijack this thread to discuss the 32bit alpha quirks (let alone due to the high complexity of the matter), I've decided to write to your inbox instead to tell you about all my findings (there are a LOT).

Thanks. Works good on Debian Wheezy. Had to "apt-get install qt5-default libmng1".
My only problem is the inability to share files with "foreign" characters in the filename like ü or ñ and many more. I see "Local Error" in the upload tab when a user attempts to download such files. My Debian is UTF-8 by default.

*sigh* I think it's probably best to go back to Qt 4. Funny how Qt works so well on Windows and OSX but is so unpredictable on Linux, the OS it was originally created for. I'll post updated Qt 4 builds within the next few days.

Thanks, Nir

oh I should have said I also had that same issue on QT 4. I also noticed folders with foreign characters aren't even showing up in my shares.

i can beta test too. i run the 64bit 24/7

Hi, I have been having some fiendish hanging and crashing problems, above and beyond the "normal" level of these behaviors I have been accustomed to over the years. No biggie, SLSK is irreplacable for me when it comes to finding the really good, weird, or otherwise impossible-to-find stuff. I switched over from WinMX way back when, which had replaced Napster for me when that went bad -- so y'all can do the math on how long I've been at this game. The new features are looking mighty tasty, to be sure; I'm very willing to help out with bughunting and general testing; I tend to be a fairly heavy user of the "browse" function (search/wishlist not nearly as much). I have tried other methods for finding the files I need, in particular my sources on the WWW, but those are much less reliable in the long run (*cough*megauploadicide*cough*).

Re: current SLSK instability -- What has changed recently on my system is that I upgraded to the Linux 4.04 kernel from 3.19.3; could have possible interactions with SLSK functionality? Tonight, to ameliorate the issue of the UI controls of slskQT being unresponsive for up to 5 minutes per mouse click or keypress, I disabled the diagnostics. Got that from a forum post I read today while researching the problem. It seems to have done the trick.

Right now I'm using the 2013.11.6 build, also got the slightly fresher one but that's been unreliable for me. OS is PClinuxOS 64bit XFCE community remaster, running on a Phenom 9550 quad core with 2x2GB of unganged RAM (damaged mobo's #2 memory stick slot when switching cases internal HDD).

To proceed, should I just pop the the 21-4 build off of that Dropbox link onto my main HDD and run that? Need me to look at anything in particular? Ahain, happy to be able to potentially help out others (and you, Nir). After all SLSK has always been there over the years, and it's only gotten better as bandwidths, codecs and its users' comorbid collection completion compulsive disorders have matured ;)

Hmm. It's Oh So Quiet (shh, shh, shh...) Yeah Bjork, you're damn right. :D Nir must be insanely busy again with job life...Though he promised to upload some new Linux builds at the beginning of May, nothing has happened so far AFAICS. JFTR, this post dates back more than three weeks ago now. :)

Nir, not trying to get fresh, but a LITTLE more status reports now and then would be nice. We have not the foggiest idea of where you are at the moment and what issues you're running into...And I can't deny that 3+ weeks of no status updates can affect even my patience, too ;)

Sorry, I did actually work quite a bit on it, and yes, i'm super busy at my regular job :( I really want to get Qt 5 builds going on Linux, and those have a lot more dependencies than Qt 4 that make them less compatible from one distribution to the next. Next thing I'm going to try is to set up an Ubuntu 15.04 virtual machine and try to build it on that one. At the very least it's a pretty popular distribution.

You're telling me. :)

Besides, when I read above that you would like to go back to Qt4, I thought your decision would be final. :) But now that I can see that you haven't yet given up on Qt5 @ Linux - it's a clear proof that you do like challenges. :P So fingers crossed everything will work out right.