minimize to tray setting

hello Nir,

can we have them back cuz i hate having to use the close button to minimize my slsk to tray while using the minimize button leave slsk in the task bar....having to clic on the icon in the tray to close is hell too as i always check activity before closing, this means i have to click twice as much as before to finally close it!

what are the reasons for the change by the way???

Yes, I agree as I expect to exit a program completely when clicking on a close button. It is not intuitive to have to search for hidden icons in the system tray before shutting down.

I usually run slsk all day long hoping to get wish list matches so the only time I click to close is before shutting down the system.

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maybe it should be configurable, like in qBittorrent, and that will solve the issues related with personalization.

make it configurable like melerix proposed, only this ways all users can be happy.
right click on the trayicon to close is cool, so you don't have to maximize slsk only to close it, but this function should never replace the classic way to close the program.
keep the minimize button for the minimize function and the close button for the close function - like all regular programs, so easy is that.
close button for minimizing was introducted by skype to force users to stay more online.
i really dislike this type of behavior.

Ok, I'll add a new option.

New setting available in the latest nightly builds.

first of all thanks for the new option, i didn't expect such a quick fix.
but after the initial joy i realized that the new function doesn't minimize TO TRAY, but only to tab. if i want to close to tray i must set the option again to "close to minimize", thus the new fix is completely useless. please fix it/make it customizable. thank you.

following options would be really helpful too:

request 1:
checkbox "start soulseek when windows starts" including the option to start minimized or not.
i know you can set the autostart of a program manually in windows, but it's a pain in the ass to remove the setting if not needed anymore, you have to go to the registry etc.
it would be great to control it in the ui, so during days when you download more stuff you put it on and afterwards switch it off.

request 2:
disable/enable the blinking "w" in the tray icon if a wishlist item is found.
as i work on my pc it often takes my attention away from what i'm doing, it's too invasive. therefore at the moment i simply turn off soulseek, but i think it would be better for the whole community to leave it running as much as possible.