SoulseekQT wont comeback up once minimized.

Pretty much title. I have just started using Soulseek and noticed that when I minimize it to let it run in the background while doing other things, it goes some where into the nether. When I click the icon in my taskbar it does nothing. Even when I go into my Start menu it will not open. I then brought up Task Manager and saw that it is still 'running'. The only way I can get Soulseek back up is by killing it in Task Manager and then start it again, but then I have to go through adding files to share and if I had some files qeueing they are gone. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Which build are you using?

I am using the latest Windows build 2015.2.21. I am also on Windows 8.1.

Try the latest nightly build from the sidebar, 2015-6-12.