Technicolor TC7200 Router Post Forward FAIL

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I followed the instructions given for the Technicolor TC7200 Router at the port forward site.

Unfortunately, they seem to be dated, and the interface looks nothing like this for the latest version of this router. I created the static IP (which required a few more steps than those instructions tell you.) So, I have a static IP, and I have entered that along with my listening ports.

Now, the latest version of the Technicolor asks for the following:

Local IP Address:
Local Start Port:
Local End Port:
External IP:
External Start Port:
External End Port:

I have the static IP and the listening port. I tried entering that IP just as local, just as external, then I tried the static IP as local, the listening port as local, my external IP as external IP, the listening port in external slots. Then I tried adding +1 to the external & local ports, because the error message always lists my external IP & my listening port +1. I spent 2 hours trying every number combination I could think of after this. I'm at a loss.

Thus far, there are no working instructions on the internet for how to forward ports correctly for this model. I am on a mac with mavericks. I am in Thailand, and I don't know if perhaps there is some filtering issue in this country.

Thanks in advance for any assistance someone can give me. I've also placed an ad for a developer to assist me, but it would be great if anyone knows the proper way to forward ports for my router.

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you don't need to open ports manually, just enable UPNP in the router settings, thats all.

here is the setting: