Characters not displaying for Fedora 22 Linux

I recently downloaded the 2015 soulseekqt version and characters don't display at all for me, rendering Soulseek useless. I installed the qt-4.8.6-30.fc22.x86_64 rpm but that didn't change anything.

Is there any way to still download the 2014 version of Soulseek? Or otherwise is there a known fix for this issue? I need my Soulseek!

I forgot to link the 64-bit version against libfontconfig, that's what's causing this issue. Try redownloading the 6-25 build from the sidebar, this one is rebuilt with fontconfig linked in.

Thanks, Nir

DL'd the new version and it's still squares all the way down. :( Also I managed to figure out how to get to the font selection box under the UI subsettings menu. It shows absolutely no fonts in it. Runnin' the Mint dist with MATE.