Soulseek stalker?

Hello, there is a user who I used to be friendly with who has contacted me under more than 10 names on soulseek either harassing me or spamming links both in my private messages and public rooms to my professional career's twitter and website (adult industry) and naturally, that kind of thing isn't something I'd like on slsk due to all the trolls. I have a HIGHLY detailed log with every single harassing message he's ever sent me from any and all of those accounts and was wondering if there was some way to IP ban this user? This person also has my personal details including name/phone etc and being in the adult industry with multiple stalkers who I've had to filme PPO's against in the past, I take this kind of thing very serious since people in my line of work are harassed, stalked and accosted far too often. I wouldn't really resort to this unless it was my last option and at this point, I've been harassed by this person so much that I feel it's my last resort. I have all the logs and someone told me to contact nir through here and ask for an IP ban because of how serious the issue has gotten. I would prefer not to post the logs publicly on the forum but would gladly send them to a moderator who requires the logs to do something about the problem. Thank you in advance.

Hi slskuser1
as SLSK manages a few things via Server (hardly blockable) but most things by direct IP connect there are a few things you could do.
First problem arises when he's using standard DHCP Connects to the internet, which is by far the usual way (such blocks would be done via a firewall/router or in your OS itself). If that should be the case you'd be trying to catch everything but him.
Whatever you have done in public, your privacy is surely not touched by any private/professional deed you do. As long as you are in northern hemisphere there should be decent ways to use the laws against this kind of attack. It never helps to get rid of him (I guess those humans life to stalk, while you have to manage your life, profession, leasure, sports, creativity, ... as well as defending from "fans".
I'm not sure if banning IPs (his ID change very easy. With UMTS/LTE it's even faster. When using TOR its meaningless to block every single IP. For companies (with static IPs) it's very easy, but with the standard consumer way to get into the Inet, it's easier to track him, and let the law/state do the rest. ...

P.S.: One way to block him is to block your country by default. Certain Routers have such a feature (based on e.g. IPfire for sure):
Unluckily you block your complete country with it, but that's an interesting way to get it done.... with your name/address there's still a lot of ways for him/her to stalk you...

Good Luck!

Eh? How could this user obtain your twitter acc?
I think, the basic problem is that you've used a nickname which is too much alike to your other ... say ... "activities". Or did you use your REAL name as Soulseek user name??! Don't tell me you really did...

I'm still trying to comprehend the logic behind all this...lots and lots of whining, but hardly any logical detail let alone any coherence...difficult to help here I'm afraid.