Big crash & impossible restore


Can anybody help me ?

I use soulseekqt2015.06.12

It seems there is a major bug when soulseekqt works with few space.
I think it should test left space on incoming downloads partition and :
_ either stop all downloads at a reasonable value of disk space left (200 Mo). And then save the last .dat file.
_ either make saves of .dat file more often when there is few space left.

I went to sleep one night and let it download.
In the morning i found 0 Mo of disk space left. I stopped soulseekqt using quit function. And stopped the computer.

After restarting computer, i made space available.
On restarting soulseekqt, it asked me for password...?

First search on google that lead to seek .dat files. I found them and copied the newest one.
Second search on google that lead to think that the 3 .dat file were corrupt because soulseek didn't use them.
Worse, at each try of stopping soulseek and then restarting it, it was creating new .dat files and deleting the old ones.
They are lost.

I've only got the one i copied (the newest before crash), how can i try to restore it ? (i already tried to rename it with .scd---> not working).
How can i check if .dat file is really corrupted ?

Any help for that please.

Best regards

Hi zowwo
I guess you want to recover the info of the Downloads as well. As well I guess you never exported your config?
Like most apps SLSK is very sensitiv when crashing while saving their configuration data (it happens to word, windows, CAD as well) and couldn't get finished to storage problems. The tail just got lost...
I'd recommend to start from scratch and recreate your SLSK settings by hand and research your DLs. I think it's much faster than recreating the lost tail. Maybe NIR has some tool to make the config more readable, but I'm sure it's more work that way.
Best luck!