Importing old setup from non booting HDD

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I was using SS on a laptop that no longer boots due to a sick drive. I have managed to save data from the drive and would like to reuse my old info. Is this possible?

Also, I have no idea if this is a thing, but I seem to have lost the folder I was downloading music into. I assume I stupidly deleted it or something. Anyone have any other ideas?


I'm working with a guy who does data recovery for a living. With tools like ddrescue and a quite capable drive your old system should be fully recoverable (esp. with the data folder). I'm not familiar with the config file of SLSK as I used to use the export/import feature to get around :-)
SLSK(Qt) uses a dat file since the last years which might be enough to put into your profile folder when copied from the old profile. Worth a try ;-)