Soulseek crashed

I wouldn't like to double any topic. But since yesterday my soulseek (2015.6.12) doesn't download. Everything is aborted.And if I check ports I have the message: IP: [my ip] Port: 59321/tcp CLOSED. Your router and/or Soulseek client needs to be configured correctly. Any help with configuration?
Thanks in advance.

It all depends on your settings in the router you are using. You need two open ascending Ports (e.g.10001+10002) and forwarded to your IP your client is using (E.g. When your Router supports uPNP AND your OS has it enabled it could be done by SLSK itself when enabled.
The best Way is to use a static IP for your client (e.g. OR have a router with a DynDHCP Service (which locks a certain IP to your unique MAC Adress) and then enable two holes (=Port Forwarding) in your router pointing to your static IP.
What happened to you (I guess simply a new IP in your subnet) happened to a lot of users who never really configured their network or understood how any server service is working behind Firewalls.