[BUG] Maximum queued uploads per user QT 2015.6.12


I've had this bug plaque me for many, many months now. Whenever I try to set a different limit to the "amount of queued uploads per user", it keeps defaulting back to 1000 every time I close the program.

I was using QT 2015.2.12 (or something similiar, can't remember exactly) up until today where I noticed it was fairly outdated. I installed the newest 2015.6.12 (for windows) thinking that this bug may have been patched with a new release; I was wrong.

Anybody else have this problem? It's not often that I need to use this feature but a lot of people don't listen to "only one or two albums at a time please" and just queue whatever (and im not always at the PC to police this).

Thanks for reading!

I'm not able to reproduce this. What are you trying to set the limit to?

Trying to set it to anything other than 1000. 10, 15, 20, 100 doesn't matter. It just keeps defaulting back to 1000 after I close/reopen.

Something funny though, when I try to put in a number into the box, even if I highlight all 4 numbers (1,0,0,0) and hit backspace and start putting my own number in, it always leaves a 0 at the end of the value. If I wanted to have a 20 file upload limit, I highlight the (1,0,0,0) and hit backspace, enter my new number (2,0) and it adds another 0 to the 20 so I end up with 200. I would then have to manually remove the extra 0 in order to get my original number.

Removing that extra value is not bothersome; just the constantly having to reset the max queues.

Hi ThePoo
I'm able to set it, quit, restart and it's still at this limit (I'm not using the function, but it would work) until I changed it. What puzzles me is the last 0 you have. Do you use a special theme in your windows? I'd such an experience under firefox some time ago, when a lot of strange numbers/signs appeared where none should be. When I logged in with another user (mine) it was just normal; back to the user it's there. After switching back to the zune theme it vanished. The reason why there were numbers (not erasable just as in your case) was never logical to me.

No special themes being used. It's pretty vanilla. Since you mentioned it though, I did have to recreate my windows profile a few months ago because of anothe instance where Adobe Reader wasn't functioning properly with another program. Though, I hadn't ever tried on that old profile either to see if the bug was still present there.

I've set up QT on another PC and of course, I don't have that problem on my spare PC. Now it has me more :$ feeling.

Might try to uninstall and remove all remnants and reinstall fresh. I just overlapped the 6-25 install over the old 2-12 install.

as OldSchool I always prefer native usage (decompress the file and put it somewhere and start it like I want it to) than setups. Afair the SLSK installer is very simple and not doing any Registry/Variable nonsense, so De/cleaning/Reinstall should not change so much. I always only exchanged the exe's of the last two years and never had any problems....
Cheers and best luck!

Was kind of thinking maybe there's some ini file or cfg file I could edit; maybe it's not saving properly for some reason.

Another weird thing I just noticed is that when I go to edit that number, regardless of what number I try to type in the box, it keeps defaulting to 1 as the first number and then adding the digit im pressing. So a blank box I will press "2,0" and it comes out as "1,2" followed by a zero (because you can't have any less than 10 max limited).

It's weird. I'll get to the bottom of it eventually. Thanks for the time!

there are the DAT Files (Profile folder) and yes they store all settings, but they get renewed from time to time.
Your Problem seems more of a GUI Limit. The fields have to have special formats, so they reformat when entered
What value do you want to put in which field? Maybe I/Nir/anyone could evaluate it.

Weekend shenanigans ensude, my apologies.

I tried opening up the DAT files myself and noticed it was a lot of jumbled info so I just noped on out. I would like to put a limit of 20 into the "maximum number of queued uploads per user". For some reason it won't ever save that value and keeps resetting back to the default 1000 whenever I close and restart SLSK QT.

Tried to replicate the problem on another computer, but unfortunately (or rather fortunately) it works properly.

Hi ThePoo
no problem; take your time.
with a fitting filter it's quite easy to read (Beyond Compare), but not editable, so no real use.
In my Winx86 SLSK client the Limit works as soon as I switched it on and stayed there. Have you considered using a new profile for a test (I'm pretty sure it will work there) and export all your personal settings (Mail, browser, ....) to this new profile to get it cleaned out? The only reason I'd imagine is a NTFS limit (your app is not allowed to store datas in your profile or the dat file is damaged (simple rename it and it's not longer used)...
Try to export your settings and then (after cleaning) import it and test it. Else try a new profile.

Well, I went back to an old profile I had originally and loaded up QT WITHOUT importing my settings and it finally saved my queued file limit. HOWEVER, I stupidly imported my settings from the old profile in an attempt to streamline configuring again, and it went back to being broken.

Could there be something specific to my Soulseek profile that's damaged?