GUI Problem

If I have wishlist results, I go to donwload the contain folder, soulseek show me the files into the folder to the front, OK.

If minimize or close the general window and them close the window that show me the files into de folder, soulseek closes completely.

I've soulseek configured what for, goes to notification area if I push X.

Soulseek QT last build is running over win10 4gb ram AMD A4 6300

With my previous pc, happens the same, win7 2gb ram AMD X2 3800


you could run ProcessMonitor (Windows) to trace the action. It will list exactly what the app is asking/getting/doing. With the exact filters it will only trace SLSK.
I'd such a behaviour only with ATI VGA cards, which did not cope with QT Apps or certain GUI function as well.

Thanks, i'll try to trace the process

Now I've a integrated Ati Radeon 8730D with hdmi output, but in my old pc I had Geforce 210, conected by hdmi too.

As extra information the pc is controlled most of the time by VNC viewer now and before.

I traced the process better I can... Upload the results to dropbox maybe?

VNC is only a viewer and doesn't disturb your apps. As you had the Problem with NVidia and AMD it's unlikely the cause.
It's hard to debug the log without a similar PC as probing. I like to debug, but I'm mostly familiar with SLSK under Linux and nicotine+ under any system (it's damned good documented).
U might UL to any site or just share it via SLSK with a published name so anyone could DL it. Nir would be the best to know what SLSK does when resized/reinitiated/restored. As my SLSK only stops working (100% Coreload and no reaction) when Windows RDP is reinitiated (connect-window resize-bang=> 100% load & dead), your case is hard to evaluate without deep knowledge what does SLSK disturb & crash. I got SLSK crashes (Windows) and always did get C++ errors which were logged in the eventlog as well, but never just vanishing...