All shared files deleted (twice)


I've been using Soulseek for quite a while now, but in the past month something new has happened. First I found an uploader getting repeated local errors from me. He had successfully gotten all but two files from a folder. Those two files didn't just turn fail and turn red in the uploads list; Soulseek constantly flashed between trying to upload and getting a local error. I looked at the folder and found it was no longer there. In fact, my entire (very substantial) shared folder was gone, except for my own new downloads folder. In that folder, everything but the last download had disappeared.

I keep backups, so it wasn't a disaster. I uninstalled and reinstalled SoulseekQT, and things seemed normal for a week. But I've just found the same thing has happened again.

Any insight? Is there now a problem with having one's download folder inside the shared folder? Have I been hacked?


looks like a Filesystem error or ext. deletion, but a checkdisk (EXT and NTFS do not loose files!) should fix this and ext. deletion is normally done by hand. SLSK keeps the filehandle open when transferring, so a del command triggers the "delete afterward" command (so called Backup mode). SLSK will surely not delete the folder, no matter what you do. Nir is the one who could proof it, but extremely unlikely. Being hacked/cracked would normally mean lots of damage in whole structures, not only your share folder.

Thanks for the tips, Sammy! That's reassuring.