Can't find my own shared folders in the search option


I downloaded Soulseek yesterday because I love finding obscure songs and artists and I've already found some songs I was looking for so that's great.

Of course I'd also love to share what I have with everyone else so I added a few shared folders (and will add more) but whenever I search for a song in one of my shared folders I won't find it in the search list. I don't know if this is because you can't find your own shared songs or because I did something wrong.

I couldn't find an answer in the FAQ and I tried to ask it in one of the rooms (but everyone was talking about dick and they ignored my question) so I decided to try it here.

If anyone can help me that'd be great!

Thanks :)

It might help if you add yourself to the User List. :) P.S. F@#king spam. Nir, where are you if we need you? ;P

Add yourself to the User List and then right click your name in the user list > browse users files. You will see what you are sharing. If you see nothing your settings may need some changing even if you are showing a number of shares in the user list. As far as I know your own shares will not show up in a general manual search.

Mac O SX 10.6.8 slskQt 1/26/2013