Stupid machine won't work

Have new pc with Windows 7 and Soulseek’s latest version. A handful of seconds after logging in, the blue bird turns brown and I don’t get any search result or see any users’ shared folder and most, but strangely not all, of my downloads stop. I close the program and relaunch it, and the same happens. Peculiarly, the program won’t close, as it used to do until a few days ago, hitting the top right x button: I have to right-click on the Soulseek icon on the bottom bar to shut it off. The fact that in File Manager F5 or F9 don't update the subfolders may be a clue about what's wrong with the pc. Any help welcomed.

Hello cemberlitas2
it would help if U acivate the debug/logging function (somewhere in config). As I'm no longer user the SLSK network I'm limited to my rememberence, but surely another one could help with more details.