Mac users

hello soulseekers ,,, i just want to know if i could use 2 soulseek on my mac to know if the user has banned me or not ,, many times whenever i start downloading a folder from any user i get only 10% of the folder and then the user stop uploading for me i wait for days to know if there is any problems but there is nothing , so im thinking to get 2 soulseek app on my mac with different names !!
any other ideas please share it :)

Nope; it's not meant to work twice. BUT you could use a small (linux) VM with another SLSK in it just for checking (but U need another User as well).
BUT in most cases your experience sounds like unshared feature or even the ban feature was triggered. Anyway there are SLSK clones like nicotine+ which has a autoban feature (e.g. not shared, which is often falsely claimed, too less files, too less bandwidth), so your ban would be on the other one quickly added. Strange behavior of some users (sharer and leechers alike) happens....
In my experience the forum contacts are much better/stable, or U ask (and read the user info infront) before DL from anyone (start Qed and wait until U get a reply).