erratic speed ul/dl

Since upgrading to the latest build I regularly encounter brief speed drops in uploads and downloads. The connection and transfer is maintained and speeds picks up again before dropping and repeating the same. Connection to some users are completely maxed and fast as light in ul and dl. Modem ports are open with a firewall exception. No drops in torrent speeds for example.

I believe this is since SoulseekQt-2015-6-12.exe

Am I the only one? Clues?

Today I downgraded to SoulseekQt-2015-2-21 and voila issue solved.

What has changed to the code since then?

such behavior is typ. for dropped (by your router) packets. Background is that every connection (t.b.e. every single packet) to one partner consumes CPU and RAM in your router and most routers are very "thin provisioned" (in RAM; CPU is often OK by routers younger than 3 years age) to keep up with P2P systems. HiSpeed INet connects (Fibre, Vector based DSL) are even worse. E.g. Torrents are very hungry for thousand parallel contacts and a lot of routers couldn't keep up with it and drop packets (best case) or hang up +reboot (worst case)
Nir is the only one who could tell U more about the internals (maybe more background connections, more search result-contacts, forum updates ...).