OS X Kernel Panic with Encrypted Volume

I've been using SoulseekQT on several Macs for years. All these machines are updated to the latest stable os (10.11.1) and using the Aug 21 build. This build hasn't caused any problems until now. I have a new Mac Mini server with a secondary disk that has several partitions. One of these is an encrypted volume. Today I experienced two back to back kernel panics caused by SoulseekQT.

In both cases this message appeared just before the panic:
Nov 5 15:27:57 <> SoulseekQt[1565]: assertion failed: 15B42: libxpc.dylib + 79134 [<>]: 0x89

The volume in question was not mounted at the time of the incident. The only other factor I can think of is that the only shared folder was set to the same directory as the download directory (although I can't see how this would cause a kernel panic).

The volume UUID listed in the log entry is the same as the encrypted disk partition volume, but this volume was not mounted and nothing was configured that I can think of that would make SoulseekQT try to access that volume.