Blue screen of death?

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Was using soulseek and nothing else really and searched for an album and I got blue screen of death. Is soulseek harming my computer? It was pretty random too, I had just downloaded a file not long before and the next one crashed my computer.

as a Ring3 application SLSK, nor nicotine can BSOD your windows FOR SURE. It's hard to debug without knowing your install (OS) in detail, but the STOP message says a lot of the cause. A BSOD is always caused by an RING1 or 0 driver routine not able to go it's way and therefore triggering the NMI which causes the trap/BSOD in the kernel. Interesting is only the STOP: 0x....... and maybe the filename causing the trap.
BUT that's nothing for this forum more a windows cummunity.