PeerBlock vs LDCOM - CoPeerRight Agency

I've run Soulseek for...ever. Only recently, and I mean within the last few weeks, PeerBlock has been getting CRUSHED by hundreds of requests PER SECOND by LDCOM - CoPeerRight Agency. I Googled them, and the variety of other IP ranges that are getting blocked. I can do literally anything else online and get no blocks at all. Within a few seconds of starting SoulseekQT, BAM, PeerBlock goes crazy to the point Soulseek jams up. I need to use Task Manager to kill it.

Anyone else having this problem? More importantly, does anyone have any theories on why or any fixes?

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Can no one help me with this? Seriously? Please?

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I have the same problem. GUI freezes when „hundreds of requests per second” are being made. This happens with other ips too. Only solution so far is too add those to white—list. Hopefully Nir will come out with some sort of walk—around in near future. I've also noticed that downloads are still going on in the background when this occurs, so it doesn't interfere with p2p connection itself.

Have you tried disabling the logging in PeerBlock (log window: 0 lines)? I have found that helps.

Disabling the logging in PeerBlock will only stop the connection attempts from being displayed. It's the hundred attempts per minute that bogs down Soulseek. Doesn't seem like the attempts are targeting anything other than the Soulseek ports, too. Like, I have no problems browsing the internet or doing anything else that consumes a lot of bandwidth.

As psynaturecybine stated, yes, whatever downloads you have queued will cycle through. But...once the wave hits, Soulseek freezes up. I have to kill it via Process Explorer (and as soon as I do, the connection attempts completely stop...).

Here's some of the hits I had today:
LDCOM - CoPeerRight Agency
ChinaNet Zhejiang
Time Warner Telecom

Sorry I haven't responded to this sooner, I haven't really had the time to properly look at this until I started my vacation. Here's what I'm thinking of doing to solve this: If SoulseekQt recognizes that a large number of connection attempts come through the listening port, it can temporarily shut down the listening port (for say 5 to 10 minutes, or more?) The client will still be able to perform P2P operations to other users with open ports in that time, although of course some P2P functionality will be disbaled in that time. What do you think? I can set any of you up with a test build if you let me know what OS you're using.

I'm game for that, Nir. I'm running on Windows 7 currently.

Just opened up Soulseek this morning. My 'process' is to know exactly what I'm looking for, run a FAST search, queue up downloads...all before the wave hits. Here's some of the hits today:

Over The Top TV
LDCOM - CoPeerRight Agency
IT Southern Limited

Averaging about 1000 connection attempts...per SECOND.

Maybe Anonymous thinks I'm a terrorist?!?

Here we go:

The "automatically disable listening ports..." option under Options->Login will let you set after how many connections in what number of seconds to close your listening ports, and for how long. The default is 1000 connections in 60 seconds, close for 60 seconds. Don't forget to check the option to activate it. If your diagnostics tab is on, you should be able to see the port closing and reopening in the "auto disable ports" sub-tab. If that doesn't help with the onslaught, you can also disable your listening ports completely by unchecking "enable listening ports". You'll still be able to connect to other users with open ports, and maybe they'll give up on attacking your IP after a while. Let me know how it works for you!

Thanks, Nir

OK, so I just went with the 'nuclear option' and disabled the listening ports entirely (is this option available on the standard SoulseekQT app?). Up and running for about 5 minutes now (which would have been impossible previously). I've had a total of 11 connection attempts now, but that's it.

While I doubt these goons will ever give up and go home, this is a wonderful fix to the situation.


You're very welcome! I'm glad we found some kind of solution to the situation. I figured temporarily disabling listening ports might not be enough so I added the option to disable them completely. This is a new option, not available in previously released builds.

Thanks, Nir

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If You're user whom main interests are main stream bands, this build should fix this problem — period. however people who look for something rarer (in terms of quality or availability) more often this is very risky, because user is not informed about current status of the ports. is there a way You could add some kind of green\red dot indicator in search page? or perhaps text status on the left to filter help button? this could appear only if „automatically disable listening ports after:” is enabled — so users not using it won't be confused.

I'm not sure I understand. What do you see as the problem? I doubt very many users will use this feature, and being able to connect directly to another user is never a guarantee on the system anyway. The client always tries a two-way connection when it tries to interact with another client.

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in short:
how do i know when ports are closed or opened? with option You implemented here, i think there should be a way to know that without leaving the app.