Help : I'm auto-downloading things ,how to stop

For some reason when i get on soulseek , things get added to my transfers and basically i'm downloading random files that i didn't ask , it already happened to me for 1 or 2 files but it wasn't that problematic , now it's non-stop for some reason

It's very anoying so if anyone has an idea of what i should do just tell

Please i need help

Hi AcidAnonymous
I could only imagine the Doubleclick problem of your OS. In Windows Metro Theme that's normal by standard. You could try to avoid mouse, by using the ancient keyboard methods (Alt-Tab, cursor, enter, del, ...) just to prove if it's SLSK or your OS.

IIRC there was a feature in the old client (SoulseekNS) to automatically send random files from your shares to people you download from, as a kind of payback and a means of music discovery. Some people still use this client and have the feature enabled. They download from you, and then their Soulseek client pretends you queued a random file for download from them. If your settings are such that you are accepting uploads from that user, you receive the file.

If you are using SoulseekQt, go to Options > File Sharing > Accept uploads from all user list users. If it is enabled, disable it.