Soulseek tray icon (bird) goes red


I have a problem with soulseek when I type different music artists and try to search songs composed by them. When I press search soulseek tray icon goes red... It's only with the most popular musicians. Why does it happen?

Hi fajutt
what OS/SLSK Version are U using? Never heard of such a behavior.
Is your connect stable or maybe filtered by your ISP? As SLSK network use no encryption any ISP could see what U are asking and with what protocol.
When U inform us what search words or what ISP U are using maybe with such experience will answer.

Hi. I use SoulseekQt-2015-6-12.

My connection is solid as rock. Low pings, very stable speeds, I lose connection maybe once or twice per year.

I monitor my internet activity and when I try to search the most popular musicians there're so many connection in one moment. It doesn't happen with less popular musicians. Maybe number of connections is reason of my problem? Is it possible to limit number of connections per every launched program?

My ISP is local so I don't think it will help.

Hi fajutt
I don't think your connectivity is the problem (when U only get new IP/connect twice a year). When U search and put limitations (like multiple expression e.g. "Michael Jackson dangerous hello again flac") does the connect drop as well?
What comes to my mind would be a typ overflow of your router packet forwarder. As every packet needs RAM and CPU to organize, Routers needs more power for more powerful lines. When you search you contact the SLSK Server to ask his clients to answer you. For simple searches like "MP3" you are spammed by answers of (i estimate) every SLSK host. Especially older Routers (or very cheap new ones) have too less RAM/CPU to organize every packet, so they simply drop packets. Some of these packets maybe unimportant, but some are not. Torrent connects are very sensitive for "bad Routers" and go into a hickup mode when the router drops packets.
U could proof such behavior with surfing in the background on big sites (lots of pics, video, ...) or with Netradio. A good router never looses packets no matter how much loaded (else it was wrong build). Another test would be a powerful router and then test it again.
When U limit your search results, your router will still be flooded, just your SLSK client doesn't show more.