Windows 10 issues

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I browsed a few of the forums and didn't really see anything that related to my problem. I just updated to windows 10, and have used soulseek religiously for years, and have a general idea of how to work things out, etc; so this is sort of a 'last reach' post.

Since updating to windows 10 - using the QT 6-12 version (I downgraded on some advice for another windows 10 user in a previous post to 3-8/8-3) - All the ports are connected and checked, no freezing, I can search and get results back - however when I go to download, and queue downloads up.. they just sit there, regardless of free slots or not, and after a few minutes they will say "Aborted"; I'll restart them, and again the same thing happens. The download progress bar will load, and look like it's doing something - but nothing happens.

I've included pictures to better describe what I mean:

Hopefully someone can provide some insight or useful hints on what to do to fix said issue, because I hate to use torrents (comcast is a butt about using them)

I've been getting the exact same thing, just the past few days, I thought it was my ISP but maybe it's the latest build of Windows 10 I'm using. Even the displayed speed 44.9 is the same. It's like it gets one chunk of the file then stops. If I pause and resume it will get another chunk. It will go on to the next file when it gives up and get a chunk of that, and it will eventually get back to the first file and get another chunk.

Hi; have U tried to deactivate the Firewall in Win10? As U use a router local firewall's are quite a double-trouble.
The service is called MpsSvc so a admin "net stop MpsSvc" would enable U to test the function without the FW until U restart

Hi Sammy, thanks for that.

I tried that, and counter-intuitively the result was that there was no traffic up or down at all, and the port test said my ports were closed! I restarted the Windows Firewall and it was back to how it was.

(I should add that the issue I described in the first place is only regarding downloads, uploads remain fine, as they always were).

Further detail - I just started two things and for both the chunk it got was 68,456 in size. One showed 22.4 and the other 44.8 for speed.

Hi keirh_uk
OK, try to deactivate the firewall for your OS (under network settings) and retry.

Hi Sammy

I did that, this time the result was the same as with the firewall on.

OK, that's one point checked. Was the IP/Port Check in the browser successful as well (have to be)? If U want I'd start my client (I stopped using SLSK two month ago) and we could do a direct Point to Point check. I create a testfile and U try to DL it?

Yes, the ip/port check was succesful. Yes, we could try the point to point check, thanks. (I'm just keir on slsk these days, I was keirh_uk a long time ago). What seems to be happening is that after a chunk or two it times out, whatever should be keeping it alive at my end isn't happening/working. Once it has realised that it has timed out it does retry, but that only gets another chunk, and so on, so it does complete downloads, but with a lot of downtime.

I started up my VM with a few files.
U should try to DL
It should start and then I'll track my Logbook; so do U. Copy it into a temp. textfile and we will analyze it when I have time to come back to that case. My line is 24/7 so search for it until U find it and start. When I'm onlien I'll try to find time to contact U.

thanks sammy, will do.

Have U found the file and DLed?

No, I haven't found it yet.

then search in the Rooms for the "ToriAmosLounge". I'm constantly there

Got it. The connection seems to be staying alive,rather than behaving like all my other downloads!

Hi keir
have U triggered the Download Limit on the first page (your SLSK client)? I receive massive trash messages which comes typ. from bandwidth agents. With only one UL running that's no problem (apart from the speed) but with multiple you surely get thrown out very soon for "not fast enough reacting"

I think that's it - I must have clicked on that by mistake! Thank you! I have never used the download limit on purpose and as a result didn't remember it being there!

Interesting - in the log it looks like it is failing timed out and resuming, like everything else, but it doesn't show failure in the transfers tab like the others, unless it's doing it very quickly when I'm not looking.

that's a typical limiter problem. Most senders just throw U out of Q for not accepting their offer.
Glad that it's solved!

Hopefully that will also solve SOHN's problem, the symptoms were very similar, and it's easy to click 'Limit download speed' by mistake when expanding/collapsing the tree of the first user in the upload pane.

Hey guys,
I am using Win 10 as well, just downloaded the new build and I keep getting this error when I try to install:


NSIS Error

installer integrity check has failed. Common causes include incomplete download and damaged media. Contact the installer's author to obtain a new copy.

More information at:


any idea what to do?
tried the steps in the link, no help there.



Which file specifically did you download?

Hi Koorlo
sounds like a garbaged DL. The NSIS is a simple Install wrapper build around the SLSK. Just reDL it from the link in the forum. If you like U could use tools/plugins with wget as DL tool; very reliable!

Hi Koorlo
sounds like a garbaged DL. The NSIS is a simple Install wrapper build around the SLSK. Just reDL it from the link in the forum. If you like U could use tools/plugins with wget as DL tool; very reliable!

Hi all, I noticed that Soulseek (SoulseekQT Build 2015.6.12) has stopped working since the last Windows 10 november update. I can run the application normally, but everyone appears to be offline. The search function works every now and then and if I try to download something it's always being queued. I've also tried with another os since I'm dual booting with OS X 10.10.5 (hackintosh) and it works perfectly on there. I tried everything, updating drivers, resetting tcp/ip configuration, resetting winsock. Nothing. (Obviously everything else like torrenting, online gaming etc. is working normally) Am I the only one with this issue?
Thank you

Hi johnnyderp
anyone else can help as I'm not using WinDOS10; have U tried nicotine+ just to compare?

Hi sammy123
I just tried nicotine+ 1.2.16, configured properly with the right open ports and everything. even this one is not working fine with win10.
All files in the search section appears red (don't know if this is normal) and whatever I try to download it stays on "Getting Status".
some screenshots:

Edit: same thing with Soulseek 157 NS 13e, there really must be something wrong with the latest windows update...

Ok, as U crosschecked it's fairly simple a data exchange problem.
a) have U started SLSK as Admin?
b) have U tried SLSK with another User(=new profile)?
c) is the web Port checking OK?

a) yes, not working
b) yes, still not working
c) yes, ports are open

Hi Johnnyderp
by default I'd say U have a pretty good Filter based Firewall active (which by decoding the unencrypted SLSK protocol, could easily block such packets). Have U checked if you ISP isn't prone to such a doing? As lots of persons using Win10 there'd surely been a bigger flood of "not working" calls in here.
When U had not OSX parallel working I'd blame such a (software) firewall and search there.
If U like I'd start up my SLSK client and we try (I stopped using SLSK three month ago) to debug via out both Logs. Have U enabled your extended Log?

I'm just using the Windows Firewall as usual. I tried disabling it but that hasn't resolved the issue.
My router has a built-in firewall but it is also disabled.
I tested slsk on 2 other computers (a windows notebook with windows 8.1 and a macbook with osx 10.11.1) and they're both working fine with slsk.
Also tested other sharing programs like Tixati (torrents) and even the old emule: they're working with no issues! That's why I still think that there's something wrong with just slsk. I enabled the logging feature but I can't find any log files in slsk folder (or is it just the logs sections under diagnostics?) .

Thanks a lot for your help!

the FW (typ a simple NAT and SPI) in your router should be the primary safeguard of your net; the FW in your OS (behind a router/firewall) is mostly disturbing, but allows normal usage. What I'm talking about is a app firewall with intelligence (so it could really look into the protocols, which nearly all consumer FW fails to do). Torrent works encrypted, so it's not detectable; ed2k uses encryption only on the data transfer but not the routing/operation.
The log is only in the gui, but that's OK. Shall we try the test?

I did another try, this time on a machine with the same os as mine: worked flawlessly. I think I'm going to do a clean install of w10 tomorrow and see what happens. I'm pretty sure that there must be something broken in the tcp/ip protocol and most probably it's kinda my fault, messing things up trying to fix the issue with solutions found here and there on the internet :D
I'll keep you posted!

do you know the
"netsh int ip reset log.txt"
procedure;: if not google it and try it
Good hunting!

Already did that, also tried resetting winsock, deleting winsock registry entries and some other bunch of stuff with no actual effects on my issue...
It's better for me to start backing up things!
Thank you again for your help.

finally i solved my problem with slsk with a clean installation of windows 10!