Every files I click to download keep showing "Aborted" status for long time

Using SLSK for long time, this is definitely the best P2P in my eyes, I wanna recover it asap :(

Please help, anyone?

Hi wizz0418
First the forgotten FAQ's:
what client are U using; what version, what's your OS. What does your Download logs show. Have you forwarded the right ports to your client IP.

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I have never "forwarded the right ports to your client IP" in the past. I opened SOulseek and it has worked, for years!

I'm having the same problem.

Then you already found out what's wrong with the setup. With a working (windows does a bad job on it) uPnP (router + Client) it should work without any doing from your site, but uPnP is as well the main reason it doesn't work.

I'm currently using Mac OSX 10.11.1, the listening port is 8973, server port is 2271.
Anything wrong on the setting?

Hi wizz0418
have U forwarded the two ports (8973+8974) to your mac client? The server port is quite uninteresting here.
Does the browser port check (for both ports) work?

I'm the same. ports are forwarded. Not firewalled. Never. Never had problem before

Does the Browsercheck work?


I meant the Port Check in SLSK (config), which opens a browser, and asks for your port to be ckecked

50084/tcp open. Your router and Soulseek client is configured correctly.

Have U checked the second port (iyc 50085) as well? When yes SLSK should talk to others just normal and so your UL/DL should work

yep 50085 forwarded also tcp still the same. what should the server port be?

OK, the Serverport is not forwarded, and so not relevant here. As mentioned in the other thread I'd only offer a trial DL where we exchange the serverlogs of the trial. Nir is the one who knows exactly what is normal, but I'd done it a dozen times now.
As crosscheck U could use nicotine+ with the same settings and see there the result (should be the same)

Very odd. Nicotine working. Not aborting can transfer. I'm lost. I've redone everything from scratch and still the same

I was using an old config file from previous SS. So just started clean slate and changed the port to another. Working now. Lost some old users but at least it's working. Would like to thank everyone for there help. Cheers folks ;-)

How I can forward the port 8973 + 8974 to mac client?
It makes me crazy to doing these set-up things...
First, I still don't know which listening port and server port I should use to access...

Hi wizz0418
this forwarding has nothing to do with your client, but your router. Your Manual should tell U how to. I often thought (because this is a FAQ for any service behind Routers working with NAT) about doing one "This have to be done before", but as any routersetup looks completely different, there are surely 98% who does not find it how to do it in their own setup.
"Port forwarding" is the word you are searching for. When you use DHCP your client IP is eventually changing every boot as well so get your Client a static IP (which is explained in a good router manual as well).