find downloads after crashing (mac osx)

Hey everybody,

So my SLSK client sometimes just crashes and force quits itself with no actual error message, just disappears. When I restart the program, all the downloads that had been started while the last session have disappeared as well as any new users that I've added during that time.

I've had this happen to me a few times and while it's been annoying I've always managed to find all the things I needed again, but this time there were quite a few files queued up and I'm unable to find either the users (can't remember the exact names) or files...

So I'm just about to update the client as I've realized it was a few releases behind but I was wondering if there's a progress file or something similar that remembers queued files or connections that I've started where I could just find usernames the client has connected to and just manually re-find my broken downloads?

exact same issue here. generally frustrated with the number of crashes i get with all versions of the client i've tried.

FWIW — fairly stable late 2011 macbook pro running OS 10.10.5.

Have you both tried nicotine+ as reference just to see if that one is working?