Universal Linux Installer Scripts Created (32 & 64) on github

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I've had recent success in the past month or so with a hosted Linux installer bundle (64bit)
hosted on my personal dropbox. *-can be found here

Today I've created 2 github repositories with Universal Linux Installer Scripts
for both 32bit & 64bit SoulseekQt.

When I say "universal" I'm referring to the guidelines in place for installing
A program system-wide locally (instead of limited to the installing user).

----github files
(you will need to modify the permissions of "install"
-- do so with: chmod 755 ./install)

----install Tasks by order
-Downloads Official "SoulseekQt-2015-6-25-*bit.tgz"
-Downloads slsk.png hosted on my dropbox ( https://www.dropbox.com/s/3qdatnoi10e3c17/slsk.png )
-Extracts Official binary from "SoulseekQt-2015-6-25-*bit.tgz"
-Installs Official binary to "/usr/local/bin/slsk"
-Installs slsk.png to "/usr/share/pixmaps/slsk.png"
-Installs SoulseekQt.desktop to "/usr/share/applications/SoulseekQt.desktop"
-Creates A symbolic link for an icon on your desktop
-Modifies Permissions so that you may execute/access the files properly

After the Install is completed it can be launched in the app menu, desktop or terminal: slsk
Tested on Arch Linux -- Gnome3 -- xfce4 -- KDE Plasma5 (should be working across multiple Linux Distros!!)






**--note: the code is readily available on github. feel free to hit me up :D

***---note: preferred download method is -- "git clone"


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