Unable to download

Long time Soulseek user, although haven't downloaded anything for a while. Now, when I try to, I'm either getting 'Local error' or 'Queued' on all my downloads. May be something wrong with my set up but not sure what. Would it be easier to delete it and re-install?

Hi Brian
no a reinstall does only copy the files and set the shortcuts; nothing get's fixed by it.
The FAQ is:
a) have you forwarded the two ports to your local PC (=have you checked both ports in the config checker button)
b) what is your OS/SLSK Version
c) have you enabled a local firewall which interferes
d) is the UL working
e) what does the extended Log tell you under Downloads
f) do you run SLSK under root/admin priviledges (or have you disabled UAC/SE feature)?