Log out from Room

Is there's something that piss me off. There's a Room called !!!slsk idiots!!! and i have two questions;
1- How can i know who create the room?. If for some reason i didn't want to share with someone who don't, bang he puts you on the list.
2- Is there a way to log out the room. I can't understand WHY users keeps hijacked by some one who decide it.

If you don't want to be on the room, simply by keep the room resolve the pain.

Thank You

I'm not aware how to find the hoster itself, but why don't you simply disable the "Auto Join" Button, so every room you close stays closed. The Room Join is done by your client, not anyone inviting you.

Hi Sammy123.

Thank you for the answer. I'm on Mac and i am looking the "Auto Join" button and its off. ┬┐it is correct?
I have SoulseekQT 2015.8.21 build

yes, you have to click on the chat room (as the button is object sensitive, so it changes when you move between different objects (here "rooms"). In every room U could enable/disable it