Noticed a bug that needs to be addressed.

There is a bug that when you select an album to d/l, sometimes, but not always, that when you are asked whether or not to d/l the songs, you see doubles of the songs in that album and so you have to unselect each double to d/l the album

here's a pic so you can understand what I'm talking about:


any one else seen this? I'm on a MacBook Pro yosemite 10.10.5 (14F1509)

I'm not sure if that's a bug (I've no Mac anymore, only win + linux + bsd). It is possible to have two "same" files in one folder, as long as one character is different. When you use two character sets (mode pages called, most known is UTF8/16) in two files your OS make the readable version similar and when you DL them only one will stay (as the character correction in SLSK makes them into your Codepage).

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So I looked at your screenshot and the first thing
I see is that you are not using the official client.
You are using Nicotine+ (for whatever reasons lol)
which is crappy and contains lotsa bugs.

So the solution to your 'bug' (lol) is real simple:
use the official client! (doh!)

You are somehow looking at the wrong picture. If you hit next/prev on that image hosting site some nicotine+ images show up, but none show a download folder action. That should have clued you in.

Your opinion of Nicotine+ is also wrong but, everyone's entitled to their own opinions.

To the OP: The picture I see does indeed show doubled file names. (in general imgur is probably a better place to host pictures)

It might have something to do with the search results appearing in more than one open search window. Whatever the reason, this should make sure no duplicate filenames appear in the download folder dialog:

Thanks, Nir

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i have experienced it on windows builds too. can we have an update like this as well?

unrelated note:
picture shows that on OSX default action for ENTER button is to download selected files. on windows default action for ENTER key is to cancel. perhaps good moment to fix this small issue?


I posted an updated Windows build to the Latest Builds sidebar. Default Enter action in the download folder dialog on my Windows machine is to download, not sure why it's different for you?

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now i see that it is indeed on „download selected” at the beginning, but once i click the field to change subfolders name (which i do pretty much in 99% cases) it jumps to cancel. dunno if it's on purpose or not, but it's obsolete and annoying for sure.