slskdt download problem


ok here we go again, i'm trying to download some file from one user, worked perfectly for the last couples day, today, file are sitting there doing nothing. so i go check the diagnostics tab and see plenty of line like this

Received peer notification from *** that upload of e:\[3 a trier]\czernobyl zdroj-party polska mlodziez-k7-(pol)\09.Pret.wav failed
[sam. janv. 9 17:17:23 2016] Download found!
[sam. janv. 9 17:17:23 2016] Requeue denied

i try changing the port, nothing changed and i tried using old slskns to see what happen.
so i queued the same file, 1st file started nearly as soon to download but then all other fails!!

but if i ad some new file from that user with slskns, they download without any problems while when adding new files for that user with slskqt, they remains there doing nothing.

removing the files from slskqt and then trying to download them using ns do not work.

restarting the router do not change things either

Hi flitox
SLSKqt and SLSKns are complete different, so there's no relation between their behavior.
Did the port check work? When the problem is with every user then we have to search at your site, while with your discription I'd guess the other one has port problems.

hello, thanks for the reply.

i've since try to download other files from that user using qt, all worked except those that failed.
i've also had a talk with Nir about this since i already got the same problem when i 1st switch to qt.

i had basically no problems after that discussion and the test we did until the other day where downloading from that user became impossible.

i'm still under the impression that the something wrong with qt version as i have never got that kind of behavior with the at least 10 of use from ns.
and i'll be happy to hear why the files that i cant download with qt cant be downloaded with ns (since there is no relation between their behaviour) when i can download other file from that user with any problem (at least with ns, qt i still strange and it annoying to check cuz if you ends up having all files you want to get to fail, you cant download them....).

i'll try again tomorrow or next time the guy is connected and we'll see what is happening