Can't forward ports anymore thanks to DS-Lite


I moved to a new place and got a new internet provider who doesn't give me a real IPv4 address anymore. It's IPv6 with DualStack-Lite. That means I can't forward ports anymore. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? And if there is no solution (I googled and people seem very pissed) can I run Soulseek without forwarding ports and what are the limitations?

Would be awesome to get some answers. Thanks!


Hi Razzor
as I move around a few locations during the year I've experienced the same behavior on any with DS-Lite. Because I use the INet vor professional purposes as well I already inquired about it. While one claimed it's not possible at all (IPv4 to IPv6 bridging limit), another technician needed a sheet with my specifics and I signed that and got my https/http and ssh forwarded and it worked a day after (done with a so called DNS Mapper&Port Mapper). So all I see it is possible with a bit of work. Else it seems a nice way for ISPs to get rid of non IPv6 P2P systems....
When you find a IPv6 capable P2P System (even nicotine+ as open source is not capable of IPv6) it will work with nearly no changes made as Port Forwarding is a special feature of IPv6.

P.S.: At first I used an external root server and build an ssh tunnel with putty (VPN like) to solve it, but paying two times for one service is not very handy

Hey sammy,

thanks for your answer. That kinda sucks... On the other hand I can still down- and upload stuff in Soulseek. What is the restriction of not having the ports forwarded? Are there less users I can download from?


without ports U should be unable to receive searches and not all DL will work. Short: for all things SLSK needs other clients it will fail. For direct calls (you are asking for something at X every firewall allows X to answer and present a route back. For asking others (one paket out and different answers) any firewall will block such things and leaves your search without answers/blank. As well UL will not work the way they should. Some (direct calls via Nir's Server) will work, but most will fail (U don't even see them) with a not answering place in Q, where U will stay forever put.
I don't remember the complete case, as I stumbled upon (on one of my sites, when Upgrading the INet line). As ISP1 was not able to do a routing for older IPv4 services I switched to ISP2 who could as described. After the first days I tried the root server VPN method which helped me the first month until I found the method with another ISP.